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Defining your Image, Executing Results.  I'ts Gotta Be Epic!

Juel's of Rome

Branding & Public Relations  for  Talent's  & Professionals

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Brand Foundation

Here are Juel's of Rome, Breaking a Brand is what we do in Our Sleep, so we make it a point to Assure that our Clients are well Prepped in Business and Presentation, and will gain all the glories of reaching there Goals and Your ROI's.  The Sense of Urgency for a Successful Business is at it's Peak, and we make it Our Business to assist you in Building a Strong Brand Foundation & Breaking through Your Industry.  We assist in Educating our "Talents / Professionals" of the Business Essentials from Music Administration, Financial Literacy, Business Licensing and more as we want to make sure once we start your Campaigns Your Business Flourishes and you obtain all Your streams of ROI's. 

When JOR was developed in 2008, it was a Dream to be able to help the "Talent / Professional" in bringing there Vision to Life and being able to Live Substantially from doing what "You Love Most".  We are Proud to say, that Today, We have Accomplished to obtain the Essential Pillars for You and Your Brand Essentials.  No matter what your Vision is, we look forward to helping you in your Brand Life Goals.

This is our Passion, and Your Brand is key to our Journey!

- Juel CEO / President

Brand Representation

From Brand Identity Design to Representation at a Business Meeting.  JOR assist in creating unique Brand Presentations tools to Representing your Brand to the World as you Vision it.

PR Services

From Online Blogs, Radio Advertisements, Show Direction, Interviews, Red Carpets and more.  JOR assist in bringing the Oomph to any Brand's Mission creating the Extravaganza Journey you Envisioned! 

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Custom "Roll-Out" Campaigns

JOR assist You with Custom "Roll-Out" Campaigns that fits your Brand and Projects needs within your Budget and Vision to take it to the next level.  We strategically plan out the objective of each single product for the biggest bang and ROI's. 


We develop targeted marketing campaigns "not limited to" and / or including Music Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Press Runs, Placement Assistance, Radio Plays, Music Charting, Online Placements, Viral Influencer Marketing, A&R / Executive Meetings, Talent Feature Bookings, SEO Assistance, and area coverage campaigns from regional to international focus.   To sum it up, we assist You to take your Brand from Zero to 100%, no matter what level you are starting from we Strategize to Take Your Brand to the Next Level!


As we work on your Brand in meeting every milestone ahead, we also take Pride in guiding our clients to the Launch of there Lifestyle Vision.  We provide financial literacy services to assist you in starting your business off right in organizing your finances and obtaining A-1 Credit in as little at 45-90 days. Also whether you plan to go on tour, travel to do shows, or simply want to take your family on a Va-cay, We also provide you with discount Travel Perc's for your travel. 

For the following service, click the arrow for more info.

  • Hotel Discounts

  • Credit Repair

  • Financial Literacy

  • Work from home opportunities

  • Real Estate Investments

Music Financing
Are you an Independent Artist, Musician, Producer?
  • Are you Serious about Your Music Career?

  • Need Money to invest in your Project or Business? 

  • How does up to 50K Sound for starters?



Upcoming Events

  • The Secret Sauce - Your Engine to Success in the Music Business
    The Secret Sauce - Your Engine to Success in the Music Business
    Amazon Book Store
    Amazon Book Store
    Amazon Book Store
    I am excited to announce my first book, giving you the Sauce to Win in the Music Business.

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Juel's of Rome


Tel: 323-451-1JOR [567]

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