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     Boobie GhostWriting Entertainment Services are for the Professional Artist in assisting them with GhostWriting services from Bars, Hooks, Songs, Verses, of many genres including Hip Hop, Pop, R&B and more.  

      Boobie's Entertainment Services also assist with Connecting the Talent to there Breaking platforms, Single Song Guidance, Song Construction Development, Creating Talent Awareness & more.

     Boobie GhostWriting Entertainment Services is a Global partnership platform developed out of Uptown Harlem New York.

Boobie Services

We Provide the Breaking platforms


Single Song Guidance

  • Song Concepts

  • Song Arrangement Coordination

  • Major Talent Feature Bookings

  • Split Sheets documentation


Creating Talent Awareness

  • Talent Grooming & development

  • Enhancing Talent productivity

  • Defining Your Brand image


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