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Your Brand is Worth it!

Viral Media Boost has partnered up with a finance company to be able to assist a few Indie Talents get Music Financing for their business!  As PR Director / Partner with Viral Media Boost, Juel's of Rome is able to offer this service to you!


Viral Media Boost started out in 2013 helping talents break records for Artist ie: Post Malone “White Iverson”, Tory Lanez, Trippie Red, Playboi Carti, 6ix9ine, Recently Megan Thee Stallion and many more.  We also assist many independent talents, and over the years we notice a lot of independents don’t really have the funding that they need to break records. So we have made it our job to help the independent Artist stay independent!  


The record labels are going out the door soon, as today there are distribution companies that you can sign up ie: Distro Kid, TuneCore, United Masters, etc.  There are also many industry companies to assist an Artist to stay independent ie; PR firms, Film Productions companies, and Marketing companies like Viral Media Boost. The main thing missing of most indie’s is a budget to support their brand and its movement.  As an independent Artist with your own budget you can tap into your marketing and other things to help your break your records Today.


Juel's of Rome & Viral Media Boost has partnered up with a financial company and we are making a way to help Artist get funding for their Music Career.  We are able to make this happen, through credit, whether you have good credit or bad credit we assist you to get your own financing for your goals.  We help Artist get up to $50,000.- in personal funding credit.  

Text "Music Money" to!  (323) 451-1JOR[567] 

Need sum help fixing your Credit First?  Start Here!

Shoot us a text once you have signed up! (323) 451-1567


1) We get you set up to fix your credit and get your score up to 7.5 , 2) We assist you with Tradelines, 3) We assist you in getting a loan up to 50k

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