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About Juel's of Rome

     JulieAnne Salazar aka Juel the CEO of JOR is a descendant of the Cono family, Grand Niece of the Famous Latin Jazz Pianist Eddie Cano last noted Billboards 1974, RIP June 6, 1927 - January 30, 1988.  The Cano’s lead the Great Orchestra Band in Chihuahua Mexico in the 1920’s.

     From the age of 5 Juel created and wrote music with her father on random beat making sessions on the family’s Black ebony piano creating music, dancing, & writing her own songs.  By the age of 13 Juel had performed live in Piano recitals, danced professional hip hop / jazz, taught tap dance to toddlers, modeled for Retail department stores such as Contempo Fashion, Sears, Red Eye, & more.  Juel was also a member of her parents Top 40 / Jazz Band as a singer and later started her own Top 40 / Rock Band by age of 16.  Life was Entertainment and Music, from home to the stage.

     As a Business and Design Major, Juel took interest in building a Empire to Assist Talents and Brands from ground up.  Today Juel is a known face Behind the Scenes of many Talents and Events, from Artist, Basketball players, Broadcasting Networks, DJ's. Models, Media Platforms, Producers and much more. 


     Juel's of Rome also represents some of California’s hottest Events from Headliner Events, Concerts, Community Events, Exclusive Private Events, Festivals Industry Mixers, Sesh Events, and many more.

     Juel's of Rome is set out to assisting there clients in creating there Vision. bringing it to Life and delivering it to the public.  "I'ts Gotta Be Epic, Let's Make History Today!

Defining Your Image, Executing Results! - #JOR

"When i was a young teen, I remember late weekend nights knocking out On the couch in our family room where my parents conducted band practice and being woken up at 4 am by my Father to take a drive to Tommy’s Famous Burger in Los Angeles on Beverly blvd a 45 min drive from home.  Growing up there were many late nights band practices or performing at a local event or venue.  Music and Entertaining is the only life i know." - Juel CEO of Juel’s of Rome

Juel Salazar


Tel: 323-451-1JOR [567]

the ticker report.jpg

Jay Ticker

The Ticker Report

Previous Editor of True Magazine

Jules Of Rome's PR services has been nothing short of fantastic. On time, fast turnaround and exceptional customer service. I initially reached out for a brief consultation but by the end of the phone call we ended up reaching an agreement for service. I want to thank Juels and her entire team for keeping The Ticker Report on time with booking our guests and conducting a thorough work ethic. They are consistent and always available. Thank you Jules of Rome. You are appreciated. 

Cinco ps4.jpg

DJ Charlie Cinco

Young California & 99.1 KGGI FM

The Aux Connect

Juelz is actually my pr that does her job great and goes beyond her job expectations.  If you know Juelz then you know what I mean.  She's a quick thinker fast on her feet and makes sure shit get done correctly no matter what task at hand.  She has definitely played a big role in my career and continues to.


G the PR

Empire KAAC / NBC

JOR brings Artists who are on point with their Talent.  The wide range of services JOR provides makes it known they are about supporting their clients one hundred percent.

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Bruce 24Kk

Musician & Music Producer

Credits: Snoop Dogg, Drakeo, Shy Glizzy, Iamsu, Famous Dex, Compton AV & more

Working with Juels is great!  I've always wanted to do live challenges but never knew how to put it together.  She not only has assisted me with putting together the Bruce 24kk Challenge Live @thedoobiesesh, but also makes sure I'm a special guest invite to many different types events to network with different artist and industry.

Eddie Cono
June 6, 1927 - January 30, 1988
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